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Fayose article

Laleye Lashore <>

May 17
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-By Laleye Lashore.

The governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in Ekiti State,

Mr. Ayodele Fayose, has been demonstrating his commitment to playing matured

politics by embarking on purely issues based campaign. He has been doing

this through parade of his various achievements as governor, which are indeed


One of the major areas of focus of the former governor of Ekiti State, as he

moves from one community to the other, is education. He said on his assumption

of office as governor in 2003, he met Ekiti State in numbers 34 and 35 in WAEC

and NECO, based on five credit passes in core subjects. Ayo Fayose said his

administration was able to move this up to number 17 and 18 in 2004 and that by

the time he left office in 2006, Ekiti was in number 8 in the WAEC performance

list. He said at the Zonal level, Ekiti, which was in number 6 in the South West in

2003 was in the number one position by the time he was leaving office. The former

governor, which is an HND holder , wonders why the government of Dr. Kayode

Fayemi, headed by a PhD holder, has brought the state down to the current number

34 on the WAEC performance list.

Ayo Fayose said he was able to motivate teachers to do more by befriending

them. He elevated the three most senior teachers in each of the three senatorial

districts to the position of tutor-general, equating them to permanent secretaries, a

feat that he was the first governor to perform in the state, and since he left, the

innovation has been cancelled. Fayose said he also celebrated each yearly teacher’s

day with pomp and pageantry, giving car gifts to the best performing teachers. He

also motivated the teachers through an unprecedented harmonization that made

many of them gained the promotions that they have lost over the years. Mr. Fayose

always wonder why the bad blood between the teachers and the incumbent

government, who had haunted the teachers with a humiliating examination termed

Teachers’ Needs Assessment Test, TNDA. He was always quick to point out that

the teachers, who have suffered humiliation and demotion, could not carry out

their duties enthusiastically as they used to do during his days as governor.

Another area of focus of the PDP governorship candidate is the issue of

rural development and poverty alleviation. He scored the Fayemi administration

low in these areas, and attributed the abysmal performance of the government in

these arenas to its failure to conduct local government election for the four years of

its existence. Mr. Fayose always wonder why a government headed by self- proclaimed democrats could have killed the third tier of government, which is the

closest to the people. He said it was worrisome that this has been the trend in the

whole of South-West, which is being controlled by the All Progressive Congress,

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APC. Mr. Fayose said when local government election is conducted, some people

would be elected as councilors while some others would serve as advisers and

supervisors and some others would serve as committee members. Fayose said the

local governments would be able to embark on meaningful projects for the

development of the rural communities.

Mr. Fayose always mentioned capital flight as the bane of economic

development of Ekiti State. He described as awful a situation whereby local

contractors are not patronized by government and noted that even bricklayers and

carpenters that worked on contracts awarded in Ekiti State were from Lagos. He

said the practice has made it difficult for parents to pay the high school fees

charged in tertiary institutions in the state.

The former governor is not also pleased that the state is now owing banks

and other financial institutions as a debtor state. He noted that while he was

leaving the state in 2006, he left about N10.4 billion in the coffers of the state

government. He said he was able to execute all the projects of the government

without borrowing from anywhere.

He listed the various projects of his government to include the dualisation of

the major roads in Ado-Ekiti. He said he dualised Ikere-Ado road up to

Annuonciation Grammar School, Ikere-Ekiti. Other roads he mentioned are Ikere- Ise, Ikere-Igbara odo-Ikogosi, Ikogosi-Erijiyan-Aramoko, among others. Mr.

Fayose noted with dismay why the dualisation of the Ado-Ifaki road had taken so

long, and it is yet to be completed.

Other achievements that the former governor has been parading in his campaign

tours of Ekiti State include the renovation of the fire brigade offices in the state,

the construction of the Fayose market in Ajilosun, the construction of the Fayose

Housing Estates on Ado-Ikere and Ado-Afao roads. He said apart from building

the present governor’s office, which is one of the best governor’s office in the

south-West, he was able to build the Trade Fare Complex, the Abiodun Adetiloye

Hall and the Fountain Hotels, among other projects of his administration.

Ignoring the campaign of calumny against him, Mr. Fayose says he will give

a total face-lift to Ado, the Ekiti state capital if he is elected on June 21.

Reminding the people of the fact that he constructed the opopogbooro-Nova road

and the road at Okebola in Ado, the former governor promised to tar all the access

roads in Ado-Ekiti.

Reminding the people that he completed and commissioned many projects

within his first one hundred days in office as governor, Fayose said he would turn

the life of the people around. He promised to empower the people with soft loans

that would aid their personal economies. He said he hated to see people suffer

economic hardship as they do under the present government. He promised the

people that in and out of office, he had remained close to them. Mr. Fayose

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promised to remain their friend, who would be close to the grassroots.

Reminding the people of his appellation of “buje-budanu”, meaning a

generous giver, Fayose promised to give the government back to the people by

running an all inclusive government with programmes aimed at improving their

lot. He promised to tar the roads leading to the villages while farmsteads would

also receive adequate government attention. He reminded the people that he never

reneged on his promises to them and that he would not disappoint them if he is


Presenting his Deputy Governorship candidate, Dr. Kolapo Olusola Eleka, a

lecturer at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife to the people of Ikere-Ekiti,

the former governor said he had never underrated the community and that he

would always accord Ikere a pride of place in his government. Dr. Eleka, who

hails from Ikere-Ekiti, promised to justify the confidence reposed in him by his

choice for the position.

Addressing a large crowd of PDP supporters at Ifaki-Ekiti, Mr. Fayose promised to

re-establish the University of Science and Technology that was taken away from

the town.

Mr. Fayose also promised to improve the health and agriculture sectors. He

promised soft loans for farmers and said he would stick to his issue based political

campaign while he would continue to show respect to Governor Fayemi, the

present occupier of the government house, who remains the first citizen of Ekiti

State till October 15.

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In 2001 when he arrived Ekiti state and pasted a poster, nobody took Ayo Fayose serious. The poster merely carried a question: Who is Ayo Fayose? This is the question that Ekiti state, and indeed the whole of Nigeria, has been trying to answer. It appears that the answer to this question is now unfolding as Ayo Fayose has loomed large in the politics of Ekiti state in particular and that of Nigeria as a whole.
Many took Ayo Fayose for a clown when in 2001 he came to the state telling the people that he would take over power from the then governor, Otunba Niyi Adebayo. Many, including the governor, did not take him serious. But, gradually, a silent revolution began in the politics of Ekiti state as Fayose, earlier believed to be notorious, started to achieve fame.
His method of political mobilization was unique and nobel. He did not fly in on the feathers of the Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s fame, a method that is becoming a cliché in the politics of South-West Nigeria, rather, Fayose came ignoring the entrenched elites and chose to pitch his tent with the poor, the wretched and the neglected, who are grouped together as the less privileged. His was an emphatic NO to political godfatherism.
This is the grouse of the elites with Ayo Fayose till today: He has proved to the people that power can be taken from the elites who dictate who and who are to occupy which position. Ayo Fayose has proved to Ekiti people that the so called ordinary man can have a bite of power and government positions. To the high and the mighty, Ayo Fayose is to be hated and despised for daring to eat in the same bowl with the poor.
How can a governorship material buy and eat boli by the roadside? How can he demystify the prestigious office of the governor, which was an exclusive preserve of the rich and the noble? How can a governor or a former one buy from the same market with the poor? Why must he drink agbo or eat in the bukateria? How can he stop by the roadside and start discussing with ordinary mechanic and illiterates? The sins of Fayose are too many for the elites to forgive him, and so they are descended on him in newspapers and other media to run him down and call him names.
But, this campaign of calumny holds no water with the common man in Ekiti. To them, Ayo Fayose is the political leader closest to the grassroots. They believe that in and out of office, Ayo Fayose is with them, and that nothing can hold Fayose down to the governor’s office that will not make him come to the people on the streets of Ekiti state, where they can hold his hand and talk directly to his ears. To the Ekiti people, Ayo Fayose is theirs and they his.
To them, Ayo Fayose signed a secret covenant with Ekiti people when he arrived the state in 2000: Till death do us part. Unknown to other politicians, Ayo Fayose has realized that the greatest asset of a politician is his followership and this is what Fayose has been tendering since his arrival in the politics of Ekiti state: The number keeps swelling. The commonest telephone number in Ekiti state today is that of Ayo Fayose which is on every phone in the state. He personally picks their calls. In and out of office, Fayose is busy attending to Ekiti matters. Even when he is dinning and winning with the president and members of the diplomatic corps in Abuja, Ayo Fayose is thinking of that buka, its vendor and patrons on the street of Ado-Ekiti.
Little did his detractors know that Fayose did not mean to just want to win election as governor, loot the treasury and thereafter abandon the people to their fate, and that he would rather govern the people and for long remain a king maker over Ekiti. He assisted in enthroning Fayemi as governor. Fayose’s relationship with Ekiti people is not snappy and a quickie, but a durable mutually beneficial one.
Ayo Fayose is not a politician who would take money from Ekiti sons and daughters based in the US, UK, Canada, Lagos and Abuja and pre-sell all government appointments before assuming office as governor. He will not impose a ‘foreign’ government on the people through this process, and thereby promote capital flight from the state. In his first term in office, Fayose gave many appointments to illiterates at the local level, even to those who could only thumbprint. It was democracy in action. It was really the government of Ekiti people by the Ekiti people and for the Ekiti people. There was no ‘stranger’ in that government: The people reaped the fruit of their labour.
These explain the undying love of Ekiti people for this giant, who is the only one that can give their common wealth to them. Ayo Fayose is not only a giant in stature; he is also a colossus that walks in the political field of Ekiti state. He is the generalissimo, the Grand Officer Commanding and the only Marshal in the field of Ekiti politics. A vote for Ayo Fayose is a vote for the government of teachers, a vote for local government workers, for civil servants, for okada riders and artisans. It is a vote for the iyalojas and a vote for the ordinary citizen of Ekiti state. The government of Fayose is one in which the people can talk directly to the ears of their governor.
Fayose has so many physical achievements to his credit but, beyond that, he is the people’s governor. Ayo Fayose and governors after him did not name anything after this illustrious son of the fountain of knowledge. But the people did. There is no other way of describing the Fayose market at Ajilosun, and same go for the Fayose housing estates on Afao and Ikere roads in Ado-Ekiti. They were naturally named by the people. No other governor, serving or former, has any monument named after them.
Those are not just the only legacies of Ayo Fayose in Ekiti. The trade fair complex, the Abiodun Adetiloye Hall and the Fountains Hotel were built by the Fayose administration. Dualisation of Ado-Ekiti township roads, except Atikankan-Okeyinmi road, was done by Fayose. Fayose it was who moved the headquarters of the Broadcasting Service of Ekiti State, (BSES) to its permanent site at Ilokun in Ado-Ekiti.
It is pertinent to state here that in spite of his closeness to the common man in Ekiti state, Fayose was able to maintain discipline while he held sway as the governor of the fountain of knowledge. Nobody dared to be lackadaisical with their duties under the governorship of Ayo Fayose: Lateness and absenteeism had no place with him. There was also sanity on the streets of Ado-Ekiti, where people drove and parked their vehicles with decorum.
It is for these reasons that eleven years after he left office as the governor, Ayo Fayose still remains the dearest political leader to the people of Ekiti state. He towers highest among contenders to the Ayoba Hills Government House in Ado-Ekiti. It is time for him to reap from the love he has splashed on Ekiti people since all these days. Nothing can separate Ayo Fayose and Ekiti people. They have a mutually beneficial relationship. Fayose’s political nickname is Osoko. It is Ekiti for Osoko and Osoko for Ekiti.

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Efforts of the State Government to woo investors into Ekiti State
have started yielding positive result as Anli Plywood International
Limited has agreed to partner with the state government in
establishing plywood industry at Iluomoba – Ekiti.
    Receiving, the Chairman and Director of the Anli Plywood
International Limited in her office, the State Commissioner for
Environment, Dr. Eniola Ajayi expressed happiness at the establishment
of the plywood industry, stressing that government will support any
investor that is willing to industrialise the state.
    Dr. Ajayi said that, since Anli Plywood International would provide
fund for the establishment of the industry, Mr. Governor has granted
them a provisional forest allocation of 70 hectares in Eda Forest
Reserve for exploitation over a period of three years.
    While presenting letter of Provisional Forest Allocation to them, the
Commissioner stressed that Government will provide all necessary
support for the factory to thrive.
    Speaking earlier, the leader of the delegation, Mr. Bright Koko
expressed appreciation to the State Government for its support for
them, stressing that they will bring more investment that would be of
great benefit to the people of the state.
    Also, the Chairman of Anli Plywood, Mr. Nun-chuchen expressed
gratitude to the state government for its support for the take-off of
the business.

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The wife of the Ekiti State Governor, Erelu Bisi Fayemi has advised
people in the State not to write off the future of the inmates of the
State Correctional Centre, Ado-Ekiti.
    Erelu Fayemi gave the advice while presenting an 18-seater bus to the
Centre on behalf of the state government.
    The wife of the Governor, who noted that the inmates have the
prospect of becoming successful, prayed that God would remove all
obstacles along their path of progress.
    ”I pray that among you as it is today, we are looking at doctors and
lawyers and that you’ll be perpetual sources of joy in your families”
the Governor’s wife prayed.
    Mrs. Fayemi explained that the provision of the bus was follow-up on
the Governor’s promise to boost efficiency and aid movement of the
    She urged the officials of the centre to take exceptional care” of
the children at the centre, stressing the need to support the inmates
who she noted might not have been the way they were under different
    Reiterating the commitment of the Fayemi led administration to the
general wellbeing of the inmates, the Governor’s wife said the state
government would hold the officials responsible for their welfare.

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The Team Coordinator of Course 36 of the Armed Force Command and
Staff College, Jaji, Group Captain Adebayo Kehinde has lauded the
efforts of the Fayemi led administration to develop Ekiti State.
    Speaking in Ado Ekiti at a dinner party organised by the State
Government at the end of their one week tour of the State, Group
Captain Kehinde said with the spate of development going on in the
state, it would soon become a destination of choice for both tourists
and investors.
    The Team Coordinator noted that the State Governor’s style that
encourages participatory governance as well as the numerous programmes
of the administration should that the state government was focussed
and is determined to rapidly develop the state.
    Kehinde added that record also showed that the Internally Generated
Revenue (IGR) of the state as well as the local councils has improved
considerably within the last three years which he described as a sign
of acceptance the people.
    He called for the continued support of the people for the success of
the administration in the effort at making life more meaningful for
    The Secretary to State Government Dr. Ganiyu Owolabi who represented
the State Governor at the occasion stated that the socio-economic
developments witnessed by the officers during their tour of the states
was made possible through the religious implementation of the 8-Point
Agenda of present Administration in the state.
    The Governor urged the officers to be a true ambassador of the State
wherever they find themselves adding that they should spread the good
story of the developments currently going on in all the sectors in the
    The State Cultural troupe entertained the gathering which included
members of the Executive Council, the Officers and top Government

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The Secretary to Ekiti State Government, Dr. Ganiyu Owolabi has
attributed the large turnout of members of the All Progressives
Congress (APC) for registration at Ilupeju Ekiti to the successful
implementation of the 8-point agenda of Dr. Kayode Fayemi.
    Speaking while monitoring the registration exercise at Ilupeju -
Ekiti; Dr. Owolabi noted that each unit visited had registered between
60 and 65 people in the morning and over 115 members by 3.30 pm adding
that the feat was achieved in spite of the first day of registration
being a market day.
    He urged other members of the party that are yet to register to do so
in order to allow the party know the accurate number of its members.
    Explaining that five days have been set aside for the exercise, the
SSG stated that the gesture would assist the party to plan well for
future elections as well as monitor activities of card carrying
members of the party, stressing that it will also disallow those that
are not members from claiming membership.

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Ekiti State Commissioner for Environment, Dr. Eniola Ajayi has
cautioned street sweepers in the state against indiscriminate dropping
refuse in the drains.
    Speaking while addressing the sweepers in Ado-Ekiti, Dr. Ajayi
charged them to always make use of the dustbins provided for them in
disposing the refuse.
    The Commissioner however expressed satisfaction at the efforts of the
sweepers in ensuring that all the major roads in Ado metropolis are
kept clean.
    Earlier, the Chairman of the Ekiti State Waste Management Board, Mr.
Adebayo Morakinyo has said that the welfare of the sweepers are of
paramount importance to government, adding that their salary and
allowances are paid regularly.
    He urged them to reciprocate the kind gesture of government by being
dedicated to their duties.

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